North Georgia QRP Club

December 2000 Meeting

click on the small picture to get the "big" picture.

Mike, W3IRZ, takes a WW2 boatanchor home.

Chuck, WA6LTV and his ephiphyte3

Mike, KO4WX, and his cosmetic case equipment case

Mike uses this case when traveling.

SW20, paddle, antenna, ZM2 and log.

Mike, KO4WX and his K1 front panel.  He just started building.

K1 front panel close up.

K1 main board.

Pickett, AD4S, shows his new K2 carrying case.  A workman's lunch bag.

Keyer, mike, antenna fit in top of case.  Handfull of NoGa PiGs.

Craig, NM4T, visiting from Alabama.  He is the new QQ editor. Charles, AD4MI and Pickett, AD4S.

Russ, AE4NY, and his NoGa PiG.

Sam, AE4GX, says "if it isn't "seedubya" it must be "seebee".  Craig says "oh no..!"

Mike, W3IRZ, and his twin tube 80 meter transmitter.

Tom, K4TJD, and Ken, W4DU, putting it on new member, Duane, KE4RVI.

Sam showing off his smart gell cell charger using the unitrol UC3906A charger monitor/controller.

Sam shows his tricked out "Georgia Sierra" complete with fully populated NoGa PiG and AFA.  The case is a "Curious George" lunch box.

Mike, W3IRZ, shows the original "Georgia Sierra".

Jim, W4QO, QRP-ARCI Pres. giving the ARCI pitch..!

Mike and one of his many project built in a cartridge box.  This is a NoGa PiG.

Russ shos off his K4ABT PSK31 interface.

Steve, AA4BW, and his swl20

Sam and Mike at the Sierra 6 meter test site.

ae4gx 6 meter site.  Don't know what the antenna configuration is called.

The NoGa PiG says "Merry Christmas"